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Sindy Mahal receives the 2018 Lassonde Citizenship Award

This award recognizes Sindy’s commitment to the Civil Engineering department, Lassonde community and graduate students.  Nominators highlighted her supportive nature, her willingness to help others and her key contributions to the success of the department.  “Professional,” “care taker”, “great work ethic”, “fosters an atmosphere of collaboration” and “exceptional service” are all phrases the nominators used […]

Mitac Scholarship for PostDoc

We are happy to announce that Scott Briggs, Dr. Magdalena Krol’s PostDoc, has received a Mitacs Accelerate Scholarship to “Model Geochemical and Hydrogeological Processes in a Deep Geological Repository for Used Nuclear Fuel”. Congratulations Scott!  

Lassonde EXPO

The Lassonde EXPO, where Lassonde students showcase their final projects, pitches and prototypes on the main floor of the Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence, is an important day for students and faculty alike. In addition to this, the first place winners of CEL’s first event “Build A Boat” had discussed their design solution and were presented with certificates […]

CIVL 2000 Final Presentations

March 28 was a very exciting and nerve-wracking day for the second year students enrolled in LE CIVL 2000 as it was Final Presentation day! This was the day for teams to present all they had worked on in their project for the past 4 months with their respective Faculty Supervisor. The different streams that teams could […]

Lassonde Open House

On March 5, 2016, Lassonde held their Open House and members of the Civil Engineering Faculty were there to help potential Lassondians realize the importance and relevance of Civil Engineering in our day-to-day lives as well as what Civil Engineering means here at Lassonde. Dr. Sharma, Dr. Park, Dr. Krol, and Dr. Eldyasti were at the Open […]

A Day at Lassonde

On March 15, 2015, a grade 12 student named Austin Martins-Robalino, accompanied by Anson Thomas (Second Year Civil Engineering Undergraduate Student) visited Lassonde for a day. Austin attended several second year civil engineering lectures, including LE ENG 2003 with Dr. Ryley Beddoe, LE ENG 1102 with Dr. Magdalena Krol and LE CIVL 2240 with Dr. […]