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CTV Interview with Dr. Park on Social Distancing on Sidewalks

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This interview is related to recently published work done by Dr. Park’s research group.
Developing levels of pedestrian physical distancing during a pandemic – ScienceDirect


Civil Engineering students win top prizes in Lassonde Research Photo competition

Cutting-Edge Research Captured in the Inaugural Lassonde Research Photo Competition.

Congratulations to First place and People’s Choice winner Arefeh Shamskhany (supervised by Dr. Karimpour) for her photo submission entitled Le Diable Bleu.

Congratulations to Second place winner Preet Patel (supervised by Dr. Karimpour & Dr. Krol) for his photo submission entitled Galaxies of Plastic Waste.

For the full article visit:
Cutting-edge research captured in Lassonde Research Photo competition – YFile (yorku.ca).

Cover AGRD

5th Annual Graduate Research Day Winners

1st Place Winner – Everett Snieder

Abstract Title:  Improved real-time SWMM flow forecasts using two machine learning approaches

2nd Place Winner – Bronwyn Chorlton

Abstract Title:  Performance of Fire Rated Gypsum Board on Timber to Real Fire Exposures


YU Better Together Link and FAQs

Below is a comprehensive list of updates, information and resources as it relates to the Path Forward for 2020/21 – Phased Return to Campus. While we have provided some context and relevant links below, all updates can be found at the https://yubettertogether.info.yorku.ca/ micro-site, updated regularly by York University.

2020/2021 School Year – what to expect

YU Better Together – Regular Updates regarding the phased return to campus, ramping up research and facilities services, safety and campus operations. Link and details here:

  • The Path Forward for 2020/2021 Classes: Our Fall term will be delivered for the most part online and remotely. We are committed to ensuring students are able to access the courses they need to progress in their programs, so I am pleased to share with our broader community that York University will be offering our full selection of academic programming this Fall. Because of advance planning on the part of our community, we will maintain the same high-quality learning experience for which York is known
  • Ramping up Research: York University has prepared a micro site with essential information for all researchers, which includes details on how we plan to ramp-up researchFAQs and key documents for researchers.
  • Operational Updates: The Division of Finance and Administration oversees the university’s facilities services, safety and campus operations and continues to focus on three objectives:
  • Facilities Services: Check out the work York U is doing to ensure a safe environment when we return to campus, including physical distancing measures in classrooms, offices, libraries and lab, signage, increased cleaning and much, much more.
  • Community Safety: Read updates on how The Community Safety Department works with the York community to ensure the safety of all York campuses.
  • Campus Services: Visit this link for updates on all of our key services on campus and any disruptions or changes due to COVID-19 including: the bookstorefood servicesparking, housing, printingtransportation & YU-Card Office

YU Better Together FAQs – Addresses a ton of Frequently Asked Questions from our Community covering a wide-range of relevant topics including safety, current students, new students, transfer students, future students, international students, graduate students, Glendon Students, Researchers, Instructors, Libraries & Operations, International Travel and Disclosures.

Course Scheduling & Conflict Resolution

Course Scheduling – To help you as you are scheduling your courses and to avoid course conflicts, York University has tools and resources to guide you!

  • Use the Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) Tool! Note, VSB does not register you in courses. It helps you create an optimal course schedule plan. You then use it to enroll in courses through the Registration and Enrolment Module (REM). VSB does not replace academic advising or degree auditing. It cannot check prerequisites or financial / enrolment blocks that may prevent enrolment in the courses you select.
  • Tips & Tricks to resolve course conflicts, refine course results, and enroll immediately can be found here.

2020 TA Excellence Award Winner


Congratulations to Bronwyn Chorlton who is recipient of the 2020 TA Excellence Award!

This award recognizes excellence in and commitment to teaching in the department.

The adjudication committee was especially impressed with the supporting letters that highlighted Bronwyn’s commitment to student success, organized and informative lab sessions, and the support she offered her fellow TAs.

Bronwyn’s efforts have helped create a positive and enriching learning experience for our students.


Doctoral Student wins “Best Presentation Award” at Water Quality Symposium


Satindar Brar

Research on global environmental safety earns Professor Satinder Brar international award

York University’s James & Joanne Love Chair in Environmental Engineering, Satinder Brar, first became interested in research and the environment at a young age in India thanks to her grandfather, a farmer, who taught her the values of environmental sustainability.

Satinder Kaur Brar

Since then, the civil engineering professor’s distinguished accomplishments in the fields of environmental sustainability and green chemistry have broken boundaries, initiating many practical projects around the world, making great improvements to global environmental safety.

In recognition of that work, the Save the Environment (STE) presented the International Achiever Award to Brar in October 2019 during the National Conference on Water Crisis, Public Health and Sustainable Solutions & First Annual Meet of Save The Environment, organized at Indian National Science Academy in New Delhi, India.

Recognized as an international wastewater researcher, Brar’s work contributes meaningfully to these UN SDGs, as her work aims to find innovative ways for cleaning contaminated water, ensuring communities have access to clean and safe drinking water for generations to come. Brar is often invited to talks during international forums and conferences on applied biotechnology, which is the science of manipulating microorganisms to produce antibiotics and hormones.

With more than 400 publications and an outstanding h-index – an author-level metric that measures both the productivity and citation impact of scholarly publications – of 50, Brar has made it her mission to find harmony between economical advancements and environmental conservation.

This award is a testament to the massive impact Brar’s work is having on the planet.

“[Brar’s] scientific accomplishments have indeed brought laurels to our nation. [She] is truly an exemplary inspiration for environmentalists and biotechnologists across the world,” Kshipra Misra, president, STE.

Within an environmental context, York University is ranked relatively high for various United Nation’s (UN) Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) including:

  • 12th in the world for Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • 14th in the world for Climate Action
  • 22nd in the world for Consumption and Production

For more on Brar, visit her York University profile.

Professor Dan Palermo receives Outstanding Associate Editor award

In addition to busy days as a professor and Chair in the Civil Engineering Department, Dan Palermo was recently recognized as one of the 2018 Outstanding Associate Editors for the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering.

The accolade recognizes the efforts and commitment of exceptional members of the journal’s editorial board.

The journal depends on its editorial board to ensure that it continues to publish top-tier research. Palermo’s contributions have ensured the journal maintains a high standard of quality with every publication.