A Day at Lassonde

On March 15, 2015, a grade 12 student named Austin Martins-Robalino, accompanied by Anson Thomas (Second Year Civil Engineering Undergraduate Student) visited Lassonde for a day. Austin attended several second year civil engineering lectures, including LE ENG 2003 with Dr. Ryley Beddoe, LE ENG 1102 with Dr. Magdalena Krol and LE CIVL 2240 with Dr. Ahmed Eldyasti. He also engaged in a tour of the new Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence. Austin previously attended the Lassonde Open House on March 5 to learn more about a career in Civil Engineering and what Civil Engineering is here at Lassonde, and has been offered a letter of admission for Civil Engineering at Lassonde!

Below is Austin’s response to his trip to Lassonde!

“On March 15, I had the pleasure of experiencing a day in the life of a first year engineering student at Lassonde by shadowing Anson Thomas, a second year civil engineering student. My day started with attending LE ENG 2003 Effective Engineering Communication, followed by LE ENG 1102 Engineering Design Principles and LE CIVL 2240 Introduction to Environmental Engineering. The lectures were quite engaging and the interest the professors had in the topics was evident through the lecture. This includes their connections between the subject matter being taught and the real world. More impressive though was how approachable the professors were. I was able to talk to five civil engineering professors, all of whom were more than happy to answer any questions I had about engineering, their research or Lassonde.  I was also able to talk with several engineering students who constantly emphasized how cooperative the student environment was. I got a tour of the state-of-the-art mechanical and civil engineering labs, which were breathtaking, especially the civil lab which is a building in itself. Lassonde is a place that is re-evaluating and reinventing how to teach the next generation of engineers and it starts with a student-centered atmosphere. Anyone who is considering studying engineering should seriously consider Lassonde.”

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