CIVL 2000 Final Presentations

March 28 was a very exciting and nerve-wracking day for the second year students enrolled in LE CIVL 2000 as it was Final Presentation day! This was the day for teams to present all they had worked on in their project for the past 4 months with their respective Faculty Supervisor. The different streams that teams could choose from were Geotechnical, Structural, Environmental, and Transportation and the respective Faculty Supervisors were Dr. Sharma, Dr. Palermo, Dr. Eldyasti, and Dr. Park.

LE CIVL 2000 gives students the chance to connect with clients and industry members to learn more about the engineering design process and to apply their current technical skills and knowledge to a real-life problem to a professional standard. Lectures were made engaging and interactive as prominent industry and academic professionals were invited to speak to the students about major topics and issues in engineering. Simulating the real world experience, project teams had to work with their Faculty Supervisor in the preparation and submission of a formal design report and an oral presentation to clients and other guest members.

The Department of Civil Engineering would like to thank all the clients and other respective members for taking the time to come to the presentations, as well as the time dedicated to the students throughout the project, and observe what their team had worked so diligently on for the past semester.


CIVL2000 Group Photo

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