Lassonde EXPO

The Lassonde EXPO, where Lassonde students showcase their final projects, pitches and prototypes on the main floor of the Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence, is an important day for students and faculty alike. In addition to this, the first place winners of CEL’s first event “Build A Boat” had discussed their design solution and were presented with certificates of recognition from members of the Civil Faculty. The pictures below will show the design process that took place at the event on March 31 from 5:30-8:30, as well as the awards handed out to the winners.

Team 2

Engineering Design Process

Team Professorship

Team Professorship!

Team Professorship testing

Team Professorship Testing their Boat

Team 1

Getting ready for Testing!


Testing Stage!


First Place Winners!

Design Process

Explaining Design Process

Dr. Krol handing out awards

Presentation of Awards to Winners

Group Picture

Build A Boat Winners with Civil Faculty!

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