She specializes in the development and refinement of hydro-environmental models to investigate mixing processes, fate and transport of mass and momentum, and energy distribution in surface water bodies.Shooka Karimpour joins Lassonde as an assistant professor in the Department of Civil Engineering. Karimpour is a civil engineer with more than 16 years of experience in academia and industry, with expertise in environmental hydrodynamics.
Karimpour earned her BSc and MSc from AmirKabir University of Technology in Tehran, where she practised as an engineer in watershed planning and hydraulic design for six years before starting her PhD at McGill University. During her PhD research, she worked on the optimization, adoption and application of 2D numerical schemes in compressible flow for shallow waters.
Upon graduation, she worked as a postdoctoral Fellow studying the vortex shedding and flow oscillations in the Saint Lawrence River, in a collaboration between McGill University and industry. She then joined CIRAIG to work on a multidisciplinary project in life cycle assessment, focusing on the impact of water flow and dynamic in water footprint assessment.
Prior to joining the Lassonde School of Engineering, Karimpour also served as a consultant on some of the biggest ongoing hydraulic infrastructure projects in the province of Quebec.